CANADIAN POLAR PAD Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Asked:

Q) How long is the cord ?
A) All cords are 6 feet long.

Q) What Pad would you recommend for my Vehicle ?
A) You will need to know your oil capacity and find out the dimensions of the "Flat Surface" space on your oil pan. The Products Detail page will help you find the pad that will best fit your requirements.

Q) Can I leave the Pad plugged in overnight?
A) Yes... You can leave the Pad plugged in overnight... In cold temperatures it may take take 4-12hrs to heat the oil ( depending on the temperature )

Q) Can I leave the Pad plugged in for days???
A) We would recommend a timmer set at intervals if you are away and want to leave the Pad plugged in... This will extend the life of the Pad and save you on your electric bill.

Q) Can I Install the Pad on a Composite Oil Pan?
A) NO!... The Pad will melt your oil pan ( Pads should only be installed on alluminun or metal )

Q) I have a steel oil Pan...will this Pad work?
A) Yes.. But it will just take longer to heat the oil.

Q) Can I use the Pad on a Propane Tank?
A) NO... We do not recomend it.

NOTE: "DO NOT" use the Canadian Polar Pad on any Composite / Propane / Gasoline / Submurgable Units!


• Unlike a block heater that only heats the cooling system, the Canadian Polar Pad heats the entire engine.

• Unlike frost plug/block heaters, Canadian Polar Pad will not adversely affect new car and light duty truck computer systems in the cold weather.

• Canadian Polar Pad-heats the engine from the bottom up, starting with the oil.

• Warm oil provides quicker lubrication to vital engine components reducing the need for costly, premature repairs.

• Canadian Polar Pad consumes less electricity than block heaters, by up to 60%.

• Canadian Polar Pads are smart, simple, and cost effective.

• Put the heat where you need it most....

• Canadian Polar Pad - rubber and silicone composition which allows flexibility for application.